What I learned from being at the Anthony Joshua Fight!

As many of you will know, on the 25th of Sept 2021, Anthony Joshua lost his Heavyweight title to Oleksandr Usyk.

This was a hard loss to watch for all of us, but even more so for me and some of my friends who were at the stadium to watch it live!

Now, this email isn’t going to be about how AJ could’ve won the fight.

This email is all about how I won the fight of a very indulgent weekend away Vs my fat loss!

Weekends, for a very long time, terrified me!

I thought the weekends were the main thing holding me back from reaching my goals…

Socialising, eating out, excessive drinking, and 3 am Kebabs were very regular occurrences for me.

(and who could blame me, I was a student!)

Every single weekend, when I would go out I’d feel so guilty that I’d ruined my week’s hard work towards fat loss, that I’d have to over-restrict going into the following week to make up for my sins from the weekend.

(as it turns out, a cup of green tea isn’t enough to offset 10 pints of larger 😂)

But as I learned later, it wasn’t the weekends that were ruining my progress. It was my mindset going into them (and coming out of them) that was the issue.

I was stuck in the all-or-nothing mindset.

Going out was inherently bad (in my head), and that needed to be resolved.

Because I’d set up these boundaries in my head, I thought as soon as that first pint touched my lips I was doing something wrong, and therefore I had already ruined my progress so I might as well go all out that night because come Monday I was going to have to go back on my strict diet!

In the following week, I would then over restrict and over-exercise, and by the time the weekend came around again I was so exhausted from my diet and training that it was inevitable that I was going to binge…

It was only once I realised that it wasn’t about one particular food or drink ruining my progress but rather total calorie intake, that I could begin to work on my relationship with food and move away from the all-or-nothing mindset I’d been stuck in for so long.

Weekends were now just another day, I could make smarter choices about the drinks I would have (in terms of calories at least), I could enjoy the food I wanted as long as I was being mindful about calories, AND, I could have freedom again!

And the best bit?

In the following week, I could go just back to normal and resume my journey knowing that I hadn’t ruined anything.


Yes, there will be weekends where you go over your calories, but still, that doesn’t mean you’ve ruined anything.

It’s not about one day’s intake when it comes to long-term fat loss.

It’s about your average intake of calories over the course of a week and month that really matters.

You can have a few days over your calories and still be within your fat loss calorie target as a weekly average.

This weekend I put into practice what I preach, I just went out and enjoyed myself.

This week, I’m straight back to normal.

And over the last couple of weekends with my graduation as well, I’ve been doing exactly this, and you know what? I’m still losing fat.

No, it’s not the quickest way to lose fat in the short term.

But it’s the only way to lose fat and keep it off in the long term and that should be the real goal, right?

Don’t beat yourself up this weekend,

You’re not ruining anything.