Iain Lucas

Hi, I’m Iain and I’m a Sports and Exercise Science graduate from Leeds Beckett University and a REPS accredited Level 3 Personal Trainer.

My passion for health and fitness started at a young age in the form of sport. When I was 16 I packed my bags and left home to go follow my dreams of becoming a professional basketball player, obviously not realising at the time that 5’8 people don’t tend to make it at the top level… oops.

However, this time at college wasn’t wasted and it is where my love for health and fitness through sport developed into a love of the gym, I fully threw myself in and wanted to learn everything I possibly could about it.

(Yes that’s me in the middle below, and that’s my 6’10 roommate on the left).

After finishing college I went onto Leeds Beckett University to study Sports and Exercise Science where I achieved first-class honours as well as gaining my Level 3 Personal Training qualification.

Both these courses taught me loads but it was through my experience of in-person coaching in gyms, professional sports teams, and group exercise environments that I really started to understand how different people react to training, what works best for people and how to achieve the best possible results without having to sacrifice the good things in life.

Fast forward to today and I’m the proud owner of Kickstart Fitness, a company that specialises in personal training through in-person services and online coaching.

We have got something for everyone no matter your ability, passions, goals, or current lifestyle.

I understand that no one person is the same, everyone has different needs and there’s too much BS out there on the internet making it near to impossible for people to separate the good from the bad.

I’m here to dispel all of the myths and show you what works so you never have to follow another fad diet or cookie-cutter workout ever again!

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