What is really holding you back?

I can guarantee it’s probably not what you think it is...

You’ve tried over and over again to lose fat, gain muscle, improve body confidence, whatever it may be what you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked for you. This may be the reason why.

It’s always been all or nothing!

It’s hard I know, you get an idea of a goal that you want to achieve and then off you go with the all or nothing approach and I mean fair play to you, you’re giving it your absolute all but then inevitably life gets in the way and you fall off your perfect run of nutrition, training or whatever it may be. You feel upset and defeated like you’ve failed and it takes you a few days or weeks or even months to pick yourself up and try again.

Although in the moment (before life comes and kicks you up the arse) you feel like you’re making great progress the methods you are using to get that progress aren’t life-proof, a man named Jordan Syatt says it best – “unsustainable methods lead to unsustainable results” and I couldn’t agree more!

So what is a better way of approaching your goals?

The 80/20 method.

80% of the time you’re on track doing all the things you need to be doing and 20% of the time you’ve got the flexibility and leeway to actually live your life and be ready for all the unexpected things it will throw at you.

By following this approach to your goals you won’t feel like you’ve failed when you don’t do things perfectly and you’ll be 100% more likely to just get straight back on track – and that is the secret to actually making huge progress, but most importantly sustainable results. This is not a race remember to take it slow, fast is definitely not better when it comes to losing fat, gaining muscle, getting into a routine, and making lifestyle changes, just think of all the people you see do rapid fat loss just to put it all back on and often more a few months later.

Don’t be hard on yourself when things don’t go to plan instead just accept it, move on, and get straight back on track tomorrow. I don’t want perfect, I want 80/20. Scrap the all or nothing mentality and try this because the all or nothing approach isn’t working and it sets you up to fail before you’ve even started!

If this resonated with you and feel like you need some help to shift mentality from the all or nothing approach or don’t know how to start structuring your training, nutrition and mindset from the beginning then that’s where I come in, I can help you make the progress you want, take out all the guesswork and more importantly support you the whole way there, so drop me a message if you need a helping hand.