What I find really impressive is when someone can do the small things consistently, to me that is much more impressive than doing something big once or inconsistently.

It doesn’t get any awards,

It’s not put on the front page of a newspaper,

To anyone outside it doesn’t seem impressive at all, no one will really take any notice.

But for me, I love it when my clients can do this and I make sure they know it’s a massive win!

The ability to do the small things consistently over a long period of time is the key to making progress and reaching your goals.

The small things that I ask my clients to consistently do are:

1. Reach your step goal.
2. Complete your workout (or take your rest day when planned).
3. Stay on top of your nutrition (whatever the goal is we have put in place).
4. Do your daily weigh-ins (I’ve talked about the benefits of this in a previous post!).

If you are able to stick with them, it is impossible to not make progress!

When I say consistency I’m not on about being 100% on it the whole time either, I’m on about getting to or above the 80% threshold (80/20 rule, you can read about this in my free E-Book if you’re interested).

Have a look at the small non-negotiable things you need to focus on to reach your goals and watch the progress come your way!