Kickstart 2021 - Online Coaching

Give yourself the best start possible to 2021

  • Take out all the guesswork
  • Learn how to stay on track without having to sacrifice the good stuff!
  • Build healthy habits
  • Stay accountable
  • Set solid foundations to achieve your goals in 2021

What’s included?

  • Tailored training programme (for home or gym)
  • Weekly check-in calls to keep you accountable
  • Nutrition planning and analysis
  • Video technique analysis
  • Access to the members only Facebook group

Are you ready?

Join the Kickstart Fitness Family and get results!

I’m here to make the journey as easy as possible for you.
What’s one reason that you haven’t reached your goals or stuck with them before?
Normally the answer is accountability…
This time around let me take out all the guess work for you through results based programming, and help keep you accountable through weekly check-ins.
You can have confidence that by committing to yourself, to the programme, and to me as your coach, we will get the results you want!

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